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NFT CHRISTMAS TREE is the first decentralized NFT tree. It is an art object from the Net Art & Culture series.And RASSVET 2022 CLUB for Christas NFT OWNER2022 Rassvet CLUB
Сulture will be able to take part in decorating a Christmas tree anywhere in the world.On New Years and Christmas, everyone can not only decorate a decentralized Christmas tree, but even become a part of this art object and join private RASSVET 2022 CLUB in discord
555 pieces of designer and author's Christmas tree decorations are NFT art objects which will be placed on the BINANCE NFT and OpenSea blockchain platforms. After purchase the decorations will appear on the Christmas tree.
The toys are created in the style of CULTURE CLASH - a mixture of different artistic styles, so that each author can express their best ideas in their own way. All the best heroes from 2021 will be presented here: top NFT characters in the New Year's style and original toys handcrafted by artists.
In the art objects artists will raise the main themes of the outgoing year: gender, Covid-19, ecology and tolerance.
The Christmas tree fair will be available until December 31, 2021 at the BINANCE and OPENSEA platforms. You can buy toys and sell them on our sites from December 1 to December 31
Completely decorate the Christmas tree with collectible toys by 25.12.2021 - 31.12.2021. The original balls and characters will appear right on the tree with links to their owners - this means that the owners of the NFT will become part of the art object.
If you take a closer look at the toys, you’ll notice that the toys have signs and symbols. They must be collected in special phrases in order to receive gifts.
You can find out about signs, symbols and secret phrases in the DISCORD channel
M E R Y C H R I S T M A S P Y N W Y N F 5 V B V S , L O G A 2 0 2 2
We will place the balls on the marketplaces BINANCE, OPEN SEA on December 1st
Rassvet CLUB
The club is based in Discord. We bring together all the best NFT owners for its growth and development.Toy owners will have a club membership and access to stay in the chat, communicate with influencers, artists and leaders of the crypto community.Learn about the news and exchange expertise - but that's not all!

Owners of the NFT toys will have access to a secret room and will be able to write their wish in the letters to Santa Claus for 2023!
On December 1 at the international NFT platform OpenSea and on December 5 at Binance NFT
White list
Opening of the NFT CHRISTMAS TREE Net Art & Culture site - 01.12.2021
Christmas Tree Fair from December 1 to December 31
Christmas tree decoration from December 1 to December 31, 2021
Secret phrases for gifts from December 25 to December 31, 2021
Online Christmas on Discord - 25.12.2021
New Year on Discord - 31.12.2021
Rassvet 2022 CLUB
During the year, participants will not only be involved in various activities, but will also receive priority access to the following large-scale projects
Vladislav Tkachuk
& Roman Tsycanov
Vladislav Tkachuk and Roman Tsycanov are one of the most expressive and spectacular artists in Russia. Their art-group Synticate explores their vision on ecology and future. Their artworks develop the "Ecofuturism" consept and their mission is to help the human civilisation to step into the future.
MAX GOSHKO-DANKOV a.k.a. @mgdankov Artist, author of the "Coloring book", ideologist of the "Great Coloring Pages" project (more than 20 cities in the world), founder of the non-profit non-gender art platform Lectures in the following areas: Creativity, Artists and Brands, Artists and Artificial Intelligence. Max's Creative Flow project became part of the opening of the Russia Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai on October 1, 2021. The fundamental concept of Max's philosophy and mission is COLOR.ID - (self) identification through color images. Out-of-the-box thinking, unpredictability, naturalness of the creative process, collective creation as a way of knowing oneself and the world around us. Max creates art objects of the collective creative mind, sets the first touches and patterns inviting to unleash the creative potential of each person through interaction with color and form. There are no rules and boundaries for the creative mind - the absence of the fear of making a mistake makes people freer in their creative exploration. Since 2021 Max has been developing the COLOR.AI direction - the disclosure of inner creativity through the interaction of the artist, artificial intelligence and the audience. Max is also passionate about the development of digital art and the NFT community.
Martisha Merems
Martisha Merems is a multidisciplinary artist with very recognizable style.
She successfully sells her arts in Europe and the USA.
Her purpose is harmonization and transformation of space and consciousness of the beholder.
Headliner of Naked Magazine Miami 2020 exposition, ACT.0 2021 and DISARTIVE 2021

Nikita Panin
Nikita Panin. ( b. 1989 ) St.Petersburg based artist. Have traditional art education and experience in both oil painting and various digital art fields. For the last years his main focus is researching creative possibilities of generative neural networks.

Oleg Soroko
Started in architecture (Master's degree), Oleg completely transformed into a digital artist. His passion is experimenting with the latest AR, VR, AI, NFT technologies. By the way, you can easily find physical objects created by Oleg all over the world. Participant of an art collaboration with IBM that received the Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. Partner of Facebook in the field of augmented reality. Founder / Creative Director, illusorr Metaverse, Speaker TED X Saint Petersburg
Anomalit Kate
Anomalit Kate is the creator of Anomalitism. She explores an alternative future and works in traditional and digital medium. Anomalitism focuses on reducing societal borders and freeing the expression of uniqueness.

Meta Rite
Meta Rite is a digital artist and editor-in-chief of "METAMODERN", the face of the Russian metamodern and the author of the Russian metafuturism style. Participated in Cosmoscow, Tavrida Art, Disartive, NUR media festival and ReForum. Сollaborated with the largest mining pool in Eastern Europe EMCD.

MIsha Libertee
MIsha Libertee is an artist and multidisciplinary designer. His works stand out with the colourful and positive plots and the deliberately commercial style. His artworks were everywhere - on the Burning man festival (2019), on the quay of Zaryadye park in Moscow and even in Minecraft. 
Dovlatova Olesya
Dovlatova Olesya. Virtual reality artist # 1. Once inside her VR art, you risk falling in love with virtual painting, because they are truly alive. As a speaker and VR artist she participated in exhibitions and forums (MIXR, Reforum, New digital life, Arts & Fashion Week, TECH WEEK, Blockchain Life)

Rinatto L'bank
Rinatto L'bank (Rinat Abdrakhmanov) — Young and bright representative of Contemporary art \ New Media Art genres. Born in Astana. Kazakhstan. After finishing college for Programming, Graduate from the Department of Visual Art and Visual Communication Designs in EMU North Cyprus. For a long time been looking for his creative “I” in various fields, which somehow intersect with the design (sculpture, cinematography, animation, 3D modeling, design of printed materials). Subsequently, these skills have served as a foundation to create his own and unique style, which was more than once observed in publications and interviews. In 2016 been started a project Rinatto LeftBank with researching topics of visual communications with the image of the Human body in Media. And phenomenology of the Human body. By learning different fields and directions in applied Science began to use computer simulation to make unreal refraction metamorphose images For now, the universe of created artworks began to bein in the actual world. As an exhibition with monumental paintings and installations. Author after living in North Cyprus has been participating in many exhibitions in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Ruslan Vyaltsev
Ruslan Vyaltsev has been making art for over 6 years. He has been working in the industry for 5 years in the studio-freelance-studio mode. Now he is a lead designer in Moscow video production.
In his works he uses metaphors and the subconscious, expresses emotions, mood and abstract concepts using form and color.

Denis Semionov
Denis Semionov - artist, illustrator. Works with new technologies in art. Participated in Cannes, Berlinale, SXSW, Raindance and awarded with Open Frame Award (2018), Epica Awards (2019), Webby Awards (2020), nominated for Emmy Awards 2021. He collaborated with famous brands and institutions. 
Daniil Zuev
Daniil Zuev (@Darkzuu) is a young digital artist from St. Petersburg. Participant of the exhibition of digital art in the Hermitage "Invisible Ether" and many others. The author of the technology for creating arts using heart impulses.

Kate Amirova
Illustrator and 2D animator from Rostov-on-Don. For more than 3 years she has been working as a freelancer and fulfills individual orders. NFT for Ekaterina is true freedom of expression.

Stan Air
Stan Air (Stanislav Ivlev) - novice 2D and 3D artist. Works with portraits, dolls.  Combines the daring with the beautiful. He works mainly with portraits, cartoons and dolls and pays special attention to detail.

Helen Anvor
Helen Anvor's artworks were exhibited in a solo exposition for six months just a step from the Kremlin - in the CUBE Moscow space. Her other works are part of the permanent exhibition at Unil University in Switzerland and are kept in private collections in the UK, Switzerland, USA, Korea and Japan.

Daniel Mars
Daniel Mars is a freelance artist creating work in both the real world and digital. Creator of his own universe of Chernamars - the fictional calligraphic language of the Efreet. His surreal world is filled with alien exotic flora and fauna. The artist creates works of art in his own concept, within the black and red spectrum of colors that symbolize life and death.

Chernamars is a participant of the Disartive exhibition, the NUR media art festival, a participant in the collaboration with MEDUZA, Picipo x Bastards, as well as a collaboration with Chatex Robots.
Faiaz Azizov
In his works, Faiaz Azizov often looks for answers to social and philosophical questions of his interest. Love and the search for inner peace are always key in plotting. The artist says that creativity helps him to enter into a dialogue with the great geniuses of the past, because art exists outside of time. With each new creation, he always tries to surpass himself and create something unique. That is why his works do not adhere to any particular style. But one thing always connects them - they all exist inside his world, which has its own rules. Today, the artist's works are being successfully sold on NFT platforms. And the amount of sales in a short period of time exceeded $ 30,000 Fayaz Azizov participated in a collaboration with the government of Kazan, in which he visualized the main mosque of the city. His work has also been featured at the museum in Zaryadye Park in Moscow, at the Disartive Art exhibition, at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Kazan, at the Dubai Expo and at the Tavrida Art Festival.
17 top artists come together to unite all NFT community and celebrate Christmas in a crypto way. Their artworks can be found absolutely everywhere in many collections all over the world. Whether it's the physical world or the digital one.
Each of the artists express their ideas and feelings in a unique and inimitable style and none of their arts will leave you indifferent. You will see original stories and hot topics of 2021 and a new look at traditional New Year and Christmas motives. And don't forget a pinch of protest, surprise, admiration and memes of course.
Anastasia Kudrova
Project manager. The main thing for me is the result. So that the whole process is systematized and simplified as much as possible.The most important thing is experience

Zarubina Anastasia
I draw avatars and icons for Discord, make collages for social networks
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma
I don't really run social networks, I rarely post something

The main thing in work: so that the process is a joy and pleasure
The main rule: success depends of timing
Goals before the workflow: work well, cause it could turn out badly by itself
What I want to get from the project: experience of interaction with the team, new acquaintances, interesting tasks, the possibility of further cooperation


Igor Glyanenko is a businessman with more than 25 years of experience, co-owner of the largest multifunctional holding in Eastern Europe specializing in system technology solutions for television and broadcasting, of the system integrator in the UK and of the several companies in the field of e-sports and gaming. He is a collector of digital art works. A logical continuation of this hobby was the participation as a partner in Olga Dvoretskaia's project to create the first decentralized Christmas tree.



Yana Gribuk

Zalyubovsky Oleg
2D motion creatives
AfterEffects, C4D, Blender, Photoshop
The main thing in work process is mutual understanding

What goals do you set for yourself when you start the work process ?: I can’t sleep well if I have a task hanging on me, that is why I try to do everything on time and with high quality.

What do you want to get from this project?
I have already received a lot of new knowledge and acquaintances, although I did not expect this :) The further - the more

Olga Dvoretskaia
Olga is a producer, creator of the Disartive2021 digital art exhibition and fair, creator of the community of digital artists and collectors Rassvet and NFT ACADEMY. Under her leadership the strongest players in the creative economy market grow and develop, so the NFT Christmas Tree has become her next step in this direction.

Seva Petrov
Hi.I`m Seva, a website developer & web-designer.
Anastasia Korol
Anastasia Korol and the design team

Responsible for presentations and graphic design (balls, pictures, characters and official splash screens)
Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Photoshop, Figma and so on). The main thing in work process is to satisfy the customer. The main rule is to meet deadlines and do not let people down. I schedule every process in steps organizing work and control over the team. I want to develop this culture and make it more popular. I want to become the most advanced team in this area

Peresada Alexander

Content-making, copywriting, PR
Work in Figma

My main rule is to work only in the area I want to develop. By following this rule any work will become a hobby.
When I start the work process, I always keep in my head that the result of the work should not leave anyone indifferent - neither the team nor the end consumers of the product.

By participating in this project t I want to gain experience in the field of promoting contemporary art, get business acquaintances and learn new skills.

Anna Zakutina
Mt proffessional programms? :) Internet!

Google Ads, Ads Manager Facebook, Ads Manager Twitter

The main thing in work: there are no problems that I cannot solve, there are only incorrectly formulated ones

The goals that I set in my work:
- do not deviate from the general strategy
- react in time and adapt to changes in strategy

What do I want to get from the project?
- freedom of action in the creative field
- team autonomy

The strongest international team assembled by the legendary Olga Dvoretskaya is working on the NFT Christmas Tree. They are immersed in the NFT industry and not only know about each new trend, but create them.
Their goal is to develop an international NFT community and NFT Christmas Tree project is an important step in this direction. For them, this is not just a job - it is a vocation and a lifestyle.
To receive
For the main prize you need to collect a secret phrase
For the second prize - you need to collect a short congratulations
Socks will receive - 10 participants with balloons with a secret sign
For T-shirts and hoodies - your collection must contain a combination of two toys with a secret code of two symbols
The owner of the garland will receive it
The owner of the star will receive it
One of the owners of Santa Claus will receive a digital fur coat
Creators of the project 
Olga Dvoretskaia - producer of the NFT Christmas Tree, visionary, founder of Disartive and NFT ACADEMY

Igor Glyanenko - businessman, collector of digital art

We live by creating large-scale NFT projects and strive to develop this sphere. To everyone who shares our passion for digital art, we are ready to offer 3 partnership packages:
1. Communication
2. Creative
3. Media

For more detailed information about partnership, please send your suggestions by e-mail:

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